Educational Scheme Inclusive for Handicapped.

Hearing Impaired Unit

In 1983 a special unit for hearing impaired began in MES Boys’ high school. this unit began only for mono-typed handicapped students. this unit was important to build up the confidence of these students as well as to bring these students in the current flow of education, even their inferiority complex had to be lesson.

Hearing Impaired students are unable to hear , which leads to their inability of speaking for the language growth and speech growth,as well as to provide them knowledge of all subjects. it is necessary to have special teachers understand these students’ difficulties and we speech, auditory and sign language to teach these students.

These students get various facilities by our government such as free bus pass, S.T.pass, hearing aid machine, handicapped scholarship, for SSC exam extra half an hour. Even Child handicap institute (balkalyan) organizes various competitions for these students.

Many hearing impaired students from our school have excelled with good academic performance. They are in the field of engineering, G.D.Art, many of them have cleared their SSC and HSC exam with good grades. These students have to be independent and must be able to earn their living is the sole purpose of this education scheme.

In our school Mrs.Kelkar Sumedha, Mrs.Abhyankar Jayashri, Mrs.Pendharkar Chitra have taught excellently to these students. At present moment Adhari have carried forward the same herculean task.

It is very difficult for these special students to understand language. These students study textbook of lower Marathi of English medium. Students find hindi subject very difficult. Instead of hindi these students have subject of typing. It helps them to secure job in their future. Even these girls who have liking for sewing stitching can opt. for it.

Specialty of these students is their observation capacity .many students of this department appear for drawing elementary and intermediate exam and get excellent grades with flying colors. This art helps them to get G.D. Arts. Many of ex students from our this special department have completed their SSC and HSC. Many of them completed their ITI diplomas from Aundh ITI. Our special girls students complete their B.COM, fashion designing courses. Everybody works hard to get knowledge and education for better employment prospects.

These are various competitions for our these students. Dance, Drama, Dodgeball, Throwball, Relay, Running are these competitions. Children welfare organization (BALKALYAN) works for handicap students. These organizations conduct various competitions for our students. Our all girls and boys participate in this to ensure their skills, various arts and proficiency level. Even Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan organizes competitions like to draw pictures using computers as well as story telling competition.

From last consecutive three years we have got first two numbers in it. ‘’Sant Seva Pratisthan’’ ‘’Tulja Bhavani Pratishthan’’ also organize drawing competitions and we have received many prizes in it.

In this hearing impaired unit students develop their educational as well as social skills. Our these precious students participate in various interschool competitions. In our school we have competitions like statue competition, rangoli competitions, science competitions, annual gathering. These students voluntarily participate in all these competitions and get success in it.

In this way our hearing impaired unit helps and guide these specially gifted students to progress, prosper in their life. we aim at overall personal development at these students for the proud and best versatile citizens of our country.