Amuchi Maliyachi Jaat – Proud Tradition of Successful Headmasters

Amuchi Maliyachi Jaat – Meaning: "We are inborn gardeners we are sowing the seeds of Goodness."

There was a proudest thing happened on 24th September 1874 in the history of Pune. The three social reformers and revolutionaries Vasudev Balwant Phadke as well as Waman Prabhakar Bhave, Laxman Narhar Indapurkar who struggled for the freedom of nation these three trinity installed or founded the school. Late Waman Prabhakar Bhave was the first Principal of the school. He was very selfless as a nature, honesty about the work and very loving about students, passion of education who had these qualities of Principal is the proudest thing of this school.

1) R. Waman Prabhakar Bhave (1874-1899)

'Pune Native Institution' the ancient and famous high school was founded in 1874. The school was sanctioned as a educational institution by Government but educational department did not granted the school. It was very critical situation. It was very difficult period for Bhave. But in this critical situation Bhave protected the school very selflessly and devotedly.

The school will be protected and will be progressed because Bhave was always worked hard. He was very tallented. He was always busy to get help of greatest people to the school. At last he got the government grant from the educational department to Pune Native in situation with the help of Lord Mark Ker sir. Who was the commander of British Hindustan Govt. of South. In this period uncle of king Duke of Kanot visited the school, as well as Government people, Raje Maharaje and other great people visited the school and they satisfied with school work.

In the career of Ra. Bhave the school was going on progress. Fortunately, teachers also very helpful to him. Teachers were very devoted for the school. Under the leadership of Bhave the school was progressive and successful and the motive of education was successful or succeed. The school will be continued in long future so his won school handed over to the Native Institution Association mean while some rule were decided. R. Bhave got much success as well as the school was reputed. The school was so famous people replaced the name of school from Pune Native Institution to 'Bhave School'.

2) Shri. Vinayak Ramchandra Jalnapurkar N.C.E. (1899–1910)

Shri. Vinayak Ramchandra Jalnapurkar was passed SSC (matric) examination in 1884 from this school and joined as a teacher in this school. He taught English and Science. He became life member of this school and then secretary. In march 1900 he became headmaster of this school. Jalnapurkar was one of those who always worked hard, selfless and so much confident for the institution. He achieved L.C.E. degree. He could achieve so much money. But he was so much proud of this school and so that worked hard for the school of his whole life.

3) Shri Jagannath Rango Dandekar – B.A (1910-1911)

Shri Jagannath Rango Dandekar joined the school as a teacher in 1908. He was life member of school. For 1910-11 he was the Principal of school. He was very famous in students and all teachers.

4) Shri Shankar Balwant Gole - B.A (1911-1912)

Shri Shankar Balwant Gole joined the school as a teacher. Attractive personality, best skill of teaching English. He became a famous English teacher in the city. Because of him many military students attended the school. Some college students also sat in his class for listening his English. He was very famous in students. He have the training to the students in the game of cricket, tug of war, Atya patya and exercise of different types.

5) Shri P. V. Jogdand – B.A (1912–1914)

From 1910 he was the life member of teachers institution. From August 1912 to August 1914 he was Principal of school.

6) Shri V.R. Joshi B.A (1914–1916)

He was life member of school. In August 1914 he was the Principal of the school. In the career of Joshi in 1915, the constitution of association was changed which was granted in 1898. That project was rejected so that Joshi was resigned in June 1916. In this period in Shimga sports the school had got trophy in restling, which was conducted by Deccan Gymkhana and got many gold medals and Bronze medals. The school got the cup for the Tug of war sport.

7) R.D.Y. Bapat M.A. (June 1916 to August 1918)

He was life member of school. When he became headmaster he came to know that enthusiastic, selfless, duties, efficient friends.

Students help should be essential in our life. So he joined the ex students group.

In the period of Bapat, teaching of Pali language started. The wada which coas leased for Rs. 5500 was taken back by in the try of school owner and ex students and Dr. Laddu.

In this period Ra. Bhopatkar was send to do B.T. Shri Aacharya to have speeches and showed model lessons in the school for direct method of teaching which was conducted by the Government. So that the method of education was improved.

In the month of September commissioner Me. Sedan, honorable B.S. Kamat, Dr. Sir R and Bhandarkar visited to the school. Dr. Sir Bhandarkar admired the schools administration as well as admired the teachers also. Shri Aacharya was also intrested in teaching of direct method which was taught in small classes.

8) R. T. G. Bhopatkar – B.A. S.T.C.D – (August 1918 – March 1920 , 1943 – 1945)

R.T.G. Bhopatkar was life member in 1917. In March 1919, Commissioner Me.Sedan felicited the Prize distribution, director of Public Instruction honorable converten and Mrs. converten, The collector of Pune district Mr. Vestrop Chairman of governing board Dr. Man Sardar Purandare, honorable Kamat, Mr, Makamilen etc. were presented. In this programme Rs. 2000 was announced for the building.

Gandharva drama society had given some donation for building. Balgandharva was honored by giving gold medal. The owner of Shivaraj Sangeet Mandali R. Tembe also gave donation by playing some games. New benches are bought instead of old. New science equipment bought for teaching science.

In 1919 sports of Deccan Gymkhana got kho-kho pela to junior team. Under the leadership of R. Kikkar student library was separated. Every year Muslim students were given scholarship of Rs. 50 by Shaha Alamkhan from Brahmadesh.

In this way the progress of school was going on.

9) R.G.G. Malashe – (1920-August 1922)

R.G.G. Malshe was life member. In March 1920 he became headmaster. In this period hard work were going on for the convenient building for institution. He came to know that there was no school in Sadashiv Peth. So the Governing body changed the location of school from Thatte Wada to Sadashiv Peth. In this way the work of school was started in south and east. But it was started in west of city. The important thing is teachers salary became changed by old one in 1920-21.

10) R. Govind Vasudev Patwardhan – (September 1922-March 1924)

In 1920 he was life member of institute. He had skill of teaching english well. In August 1922 he became Principal of the school.

In 1922 November tournaments of games got the shield. It was 4th time to get shield as well as the shield got in cricket also.

In 1923 October there was Mumbai Ilakha Rallys. After Pune the Maharashtra Pathak was send to this rally. In 1922 Shrimant Phaltankar visited to this institute and he was satisfied.

In 1923 Laxmanrao Bhosale Raje of Nagpur, sir Mohamad Yusuf, officer commanding sadarn divisional. Le.General W.Marshel visited to the institute as well as in the middle of October commissioner Mr. Hatch visited to institute. In March 1924 Mr. Patwardhan resigned because feeling not well or illness.

11) R. G.G. Malashe (1924-1936)

He was again appointed as a headmaster for this period.

12) Shri. Nilkantha Vasudev Kinkar (1936-1943)

In 1925 he became superitendant of Marathi school in Sadashiv Peth. He was the headmaster of the school in 1936 to 1943. He taught English subject very nicely. He is very humble. When he was teacher he seperated the students library and he looked out the work of this library. This programme was continued when he became headmaster.

13) R. T.G. Bhopatkar B.A. S.T.C.D. (1943-1945)

He was again appointed as a headmaster for this period.

14) Ra. Gopal Jivaji Limaye (1945–1947)

His favorite subjects was Mathematics. He had skill of teaching maths because of this maths became students favorite subject and all student took interest in this subject. First he became teacher and after that in 1945 to 1947 he became headmaster.

15) Shri Shankar Raghunath Godbole (1947-1949)

He was known as a Nanakaka Godbole Geography was his favourite subject. He was very famous personality and headmaster in this period. He always encourage the teachers so that he was teachers favorite.

16) Shri Narhar Shankar Jamdagni (1949-1950)

He was a headmaster for very short period. Because of his strictness in his work teachers did their work very efficiently and concentrately.

17) Shri. Nilkantha Vasudev Kinkar (1950–1952)

He was again appointed for the headmaster of this period 1950 – 52.

18) Shri Shankar Raghunath Godbole (1952–1955)

He was appointed for the headmaster for second time in 1952 – 1955.

19) Shri Chi. Ra. Athale (1955–1975)

He was appointed as a headmaster for the long period. He worked as a headmaster for 20 years. He was very famous personality in teachers and students. In his working days as a headmaster school got all kinds of success. Students actively participated in arts, sports, school examination, scholarship exam and elecoution competitions. He was famous not only for strictness but also for humbleness. So that he always attanded all programmes in school.

20) Shri Pu. H. Wagh (1975–1979)

  • As a school teacher – 20 years
  • As a supervisor – 3 years
  • As a headmaster – 4 years

He taught science and maths to the students. In his period school got 1st and 2nd rank for the science subject in board examination. When he was a teacher in school he also taught P.T subject. He worked as a paper setter, chief moderator and chief conductor in secondary education society.
Projects: Dindi competition, clean and beautiful school project, teacher-parents meeting
5th September 1978: Ideal headmaster prize from corporation

21) Shri. Bha. Di. Parakhi (1979-1980)

He was very calm and good nature famous personality in student. He taught maths and science in school. In 1955 to 72 he worked as a teacher and he worked as a supervisor in 1972-79, and as headmaster he worked in 1979 to 80 for school.

22) Late. Shri V. Mule (1980-1981)

In 16 June 1980 school started a new year of school under the guidance of Shri. V. Mule. He worked as a teacher in 7th June 1948 to May 1953 after that in Baramati for the period of 1st June 1953 - 30th April 1969 and he worked as a supervisor of 1st May 1969 to June 1980. He was very enthusiastic and strict by nature. He was headmaster in 1980 to 1981 for short period. But he was very famous. His existence was for respectful honor and strictness.

23) Mrs. Mangala Ukidave (1981–1986)

Mrs. Mangala Ukidave is the first woman who was leader of the Boy's school. Before that she was the principal of her own waghire institute of saswad. When she joined Bhave institute she started students adoption project, students union.

In her period she improved the supervisor's office as well as improved the school. Before school started Abhangas played ,so that everyone feel well. Science of 8th exhibition held. Because of experience she got state level prize. She had got deep knowledge about every kind of books. She has qualities of correct planning, perseverance, great communication with teachers. So that the experience and progress of the school increased.

24) Shri K. B. Bali (June 1986-1994)

Shri K. B. Bali June 1986 accepted the responsibility of the school. The next early year 12 strudents came in merit list and Sameer Suresh Mahajan stood first in whole Maharashtra State. That's why standard of school improved.

The same Ajay Ghodvekar stood first secondary high school examination in Pune section and other four students of the school came in merit list and the tradition of student stood first or rankers should continued.

25) Shri M.G. Gosavi (1994-2008)

Since 1st May 1994 Shri M.G. Gosavi became the principal of the school. He taught marathi, history and hindi. Shri Gosavi took responsibility of supervisor and principal of different branches of school.

He worked as a principal in the school of saswad and baramati. These schools improved in his period. He was strict about discipline but he is loving also. Shri Gosavi was enthusiastic as well as always busy with his work. He was honoured on 5th September 1994 by giving ideal teacher's prize by Pune District. 5th September 2001, he was honoured by giving ideal teachers prize by Pune Corporation.

26) Shri Sanjay B. Mhetre (2008-2011)

He has handled the responsibility of school very actively.

27) Shri Kantilal Nagnath Arnale (2011-2017)

Praiseworthly programmes undertaken by the present principal

  1. Std. 5th welcome ceremony.
  2. Student's resolution day (Vidyarthi sankalp din).
  3. International yoga day.
  4. Open interviews of 10th toppers.
  5. Medical check-up of teachers and students.
  6. Handling over ceremony of Rakhies to soldiers.
  7. A weeklong celebration in memory of freedom fighters.
  8. Aarti competition.
  9. Street Plays on 'Save Water', 'Superstitions Eradication', Cleanliness Awareness'.
  10. Rallies on 'Cleanliness Drive', Plastic free and E-waste free Pune'.
  11. Reading Inspiration Day (Vachan prerna din).
  12. Kojagiri Celebration.
  13. Blood donation camp for teachers.
  14. Student poet concert (vidyarthi kavi sammelan).
  15. Statue competition.
  16. Matru-Pitru din.
  17. Ek mushti dhanya yojana.
  18. Vidnyan dindi.
  19. International womens day celebration.
  20. Parent school (Palak shala).
  21. Science exhibition (standard wise)
  22. PPT result presentation by teachers.
  23. PPT presentation of action research by teachers.
  24. Digital school.
  25. Burdenless school bag campaign (ozyavina daftar abhiyan)