Milestones In The History of the School

First stage – 1 to 25 years (1860 to 1885)

  1. Establishment – 1860

  2. 30 August 1875 – Jamshedji Jijibhoy Baronet visited the school and expressed satisfaction about the school and accepted presidentalship of the society happily.

  3. 1884 – Shri Vishnu Balwant Gokhale secured 2nd rank in Matric Exam and became 2nd Jagannath Shankarsheth Scholar. In 1885, there were 350 students in school. In 1885, there were 650-700 students. That time Mumbai's Governer Sis James Fergusson (K.C.B. , K.C.I.E.) visited and praised the society about its work.

  4. 8/1985 - Sayajirao Maharaj Gaikwad visited & donated 500/- for the school.

  5. 20/10/1985 – Jamshedji Petit and Sir Dinshaw Manikaji Petit had given 500/- & 1000/- Port trust bond.

  6. 17/11/1885 – M.L. Warner (Director of Public Instruction) visited the school & expressed his trust upon the society.

  7. 1885 – Blind student V.N. Bhor passed matriculation examination. He got Rs. 15/-scholarship per month from Kolhapur Darbar.

Second stage (1886 to 1910)

  1. 5/10/1889 – This Royal Highness of Duke of cannout visited the school and expressed his satisfaction. He had given best wishes to the society. Society's efforts had become fruitful after 12 years.

  2. 19/11/1887 – Society was registered under the company act and renamed as 'The Poona Native Institution Association'. Objectives were redefined broadly.

  3. Sir Jamshedji Jijibhoy Baronet was society's first president. Khanbahadur Dastur Hushang Jamarach was (PHD) chairman of the society.

  4. 20th January 1888 – This year Poona Native Institution received permanent approval from government and this incident is proved as a milestone in the history of society

  5. February 1888 – His highness of Maharaja of Mysore visited a school and in his remarks, he stated that in a local management, 800 students were taking education like in different subjects like literature, technical and science and for that purpose, he congratulated Poona. Further he expressed his good wishes for skill based school.

  6. 1888 – His highness The Maharaja of Travankor visited the school.

  7. 3 March 1888 – His Royale highness, The Duke of cannout visited the school again. Prize distribution ceremony was there by the hands Duke of cannout.

  8. 1888 – Head of Jamkhind, Ramchandrarao Saheb Sarkar visited the school & expressed satisfaction about Shri Bahves 'Dnyandaan' to poor students. Next day, Sir Desai of Sawantwadi visited the school and he was satisfied with the school's progress.

  9. 1889 – Shrimant Gangadharrao Patwardhan, Head of Miraj Sansthan and Shrimant Maharaj Chhatrapati, Kolhapur visited the school and expressed happiness about the school that time efforts were taken for separate building. His excellency the right honourable Lord Harris visited the school as the chief guest for Distribution ceremony.

  10. 1890 – Laxman Narayan Mahagaonkar become Jagannath Shankarsheth Scholar in the Pune Center.

  11. 1891 – Vaman Vishwanath Bapat became first Jagannath Shankarsheth Scholar.

  12. 1891 – Damodar Ganesh Daji cleared his final exam and stood 3rd in the area and in Pune center secured 1st rank. He also received Ellis prize in science.

  13. 1892 – Moreshwar Raghunath Apte stood 6th in area and secured 2nd rank in pune center.

  14. 1893 – Thatte Wada was purchased for Sanstha office for 15000/-

  15. 1896 – Establishment of Primary school.

  16. 1899 – Death of Vaman Prabhakar Bhave.

  17. 1901 – Head of area, Lord North Kot visited the school.

  18. 1904 – Bhave school got trophy for the sport called as "Aatyapatya". From that time only Bhave school's name was associated with the sports & games.

  19. 1905 – School got cricket trophy.

In this way, in 25 years, in the society, the students got primary, secondary, higher secondary education. In 1874 the school started with 10 students and now 1000 students in the society.