1) Pokharan Anusphot : Model Exhibition

11th May to 13th May 1998 in this two days Indian Scientist have taken Anusphot test very secretly and successfully at Rajasthan Pokharan.

On world level opponent of these test opinions were there. But from these anusphot tests India is capable it's proved to the world and it was essential. Because of Atal Bihari Vajpeyi's courageous decision Indian citizen have got strength.

On this subject so much information was written from news papers and other sources. But this information should come to know through simple and easy language hence method of audio visual mistry of anusphot should get knowledge with this purpose on 21st December 1998 Anusphot project arranged at Satpute hall and inaugurated by the hands of col.Kuber.

Anusphot project was succeeded because of chairman of school committee hon.Sharadbhau Sathe's guidance and help of building business trend. Original idea of this project was from Sharadbhau Sathe.

In this anusphot project all science teachers, drawing teachers, geography teachers and all students in school participated except teachers all others also worked very hard. The definition of Rushi Kannad was Anu's structure, principle, values of anubomb, hydrogen bomb showed in details.

The wells in which Pokharan Anusphot tests had taken, it's model, Anvik clouds, information of related to scientists, pictures and satelite, computers telecast, model work of earthquake center etc. arranged in that project. Except in map in India, surrounding ocean, that was the attraction of project exhibition. Many institution throughout the India were there.

The CD of 25 minutes of this programme was made and description of this programme show and heard by lazer points. At the end of CD added a little part of his speech Atal Bihari Vajpeyi said "Mai khud gaya tha Pokharan". The end of programme made by 'Vande Mtaram'. That was the Pokhran programme. All worked together so that project was succeded. The school headmaster also worked with teachers 20thousand students, Parents and others visited the exhibition Dr.Jayant Naralikar the famous scientist also visited and praised the project. Our Pokharan project was arranged at school of saswad so that all the rural area students knew about the project. The Pokharan project was expensive but the expenses got return by show tickets.


'Samarth Bharat' this name was suitable to see the experiences. This programme Pokharan Anusphot exhibition saw and liked it very much. For arranging this exhibition all peoples liked it very much. By arranging this exhibition our school worked out very hard. The map of world, from Kannad Rushi, Anu history, the information of sphote at Pokharan, it's pictures all were impressive, anchoring was very effective. The speech of Atal Bihari Vajpeyi was included.

15000 students visited to this exhibition from Pune schools. It was very happy thing that teachers headmasters and other citizens also visited.

All teachers, headmasters Shri.Gosavi the chairman of school committee Shri.Sharadbhau Sathe, chairman of Niyamak sanstha. Dr. Panse heartily congrats.

Raghvebdraji Patil
Shikshan Sanchalak
Maharashtra state

2) Vasundhara hi Jaldharini

Most touching and most important subject in the view of human being is water. Though this subject is very simple but when started collecting the information, I feel to entered into the Alibagh Guha.

Subjects of water

  1. Properties of water.
  2. Uses of water.
  3. Water pollution.
  4. How to use water.
  5. Water in literature.

On these 5 basis of water teachers started to make project from students. Sciences teachers started to make practicles on the basis of water pollution, qualities and these practicles. Meanwhile speeches of Mrs.Sunita Bhagwat and Shri.M.W.joshi were very useful on which projects will prepared.

In the holidays of christmas teachers visited agricultural colleges, Irrigation department, water purification center. Above these various institution were visited by teachers and welcomed of water exhibition and water project helped them. In this water project the peoples who worked honestly, their photos and information got from sakal newspaper office.

On the date of 16th and 17th 2006 in the 20 rooms of school above five subject of projects were arranged so much information of above five water subjects only select information collected and made 150 charts of them/ Nearly hundred chart made of water, rain poems, phrases, synonyms words in the language and small poem lines, in vedas, purans. These charts arranged in each and every days, class. The projects which arranged in class, those classes had given names of Anna Hajare, Dr. Madhavrao Chitale, Mohan Dhariya and Rajendrasingh etc.

On 13th Jan 2006 there was press conference and announced to the newspapers that students will be involved in the important subjects besides the projects of students in the class, some students and teacher made big projects in porch of school Hon.Headmaster also involved in the project. Artificial rain project, purification dirty water, refill of water or rain water, Aurangabad Nahar, stepping form various types of canals, mithagar projects are there. "Vasundhara hi Jaldharini" this name wads suggested to this project by Hon. Headmaster.

On the date of 16th Jan 2006 in the morning by the Hon.Vidyanand Ranade, retired engineer, Irrigation canals section and Hon.Rambhau Dimbale inaugurated the function. We are so happy that Dr.Mahadevrao Chitale also attended the inauguration function. They saw this projects in the exhibition very excitedly. The CD of 10 minutes was made of all projects. All admired the arranged big function. This news printed in all newspapers and also shooting the function by the zee news channel.

On the date of 17th there was big mob to see exhibition. So many students and teachers from various schools attended this exhibition. Our students showing them all the practicles and projects very enthusiastically to the audience and also telling them some information on the date of 17th in the evening, some important projects had give prizes by the hands of sakal newspaper editor. Hon.Yamaji Malkar in his speech. All those who co-operates the function praised them. The students in Pune school who never knew the water problem, the teachers arranged the water problem exhibition very nicely so they are able to admire said Hon. Malkar in his speech. All the memories memorable by medium of CD and album.


On seeing the water exhibition all are very happy. This exhibition touched the mind. All students, teachers and head master worked hard together and headmaster worked hard together and gave new view of science and social work out to all students who came to exhibition from many school of Pune. Congratulation and thanks a lot to Bhave high school, teachers and students.

Shriram Dimbale

This subject 'water' is very touching and important to each and every human beings. It's very necessary to study the water problem and water pollution in future. At the age of student they must know the water problem and water pollution so that shri Gosavi sir and all other teachers under their guidance and their hard work student got most important information about the above subject. So about that I should congratulations of all. I am very happy and all wishes to this project.

Vidynand Mahadev Ranade.
Retired Secretary of Irrigation section.
Maharashtra Government.

3) Iye Marathichiye Nagari

Poet V.M.Kulkarni describes the mother tongue as this, the history of mother tongue should know the students as well as it's progress must know the students. The son of mother tongue, marathi language Shri. Dnyandeo to till today there are many persons or a man of literature and their literature should be identity to the purpose. So from 14th Feb a very nice exhibition was arranged in the school porch which the name was 'Iye Marathichiye Nagari'.

Mazya marathichi thoravi | nitya nave rup davi
avant hoi maya | mukhi umatate oovi ||

In this exhibition the information about marathi language how this language origin, what was it's history literature and the man of literature was arranged this project. In short many writers said literature was the greatest with many qualities.

For this project, the teachers who teaches Marathi achieved important information with hard work. The chairman samiti Anna Bhau Sathe gave so much inspiration. Hon.principle and Gosavi sir guided about project to the teachers also take responsibility to every part of literature and also writes their experiences. All the teachers studied the literature and also wrote their experiences. In this work the librarian helped them. It was a very proudly thing that the library was full work Maharashtra literature Parishad Pune, Dnyan Prabodhini school Pune and marathi library also helped.

In this exhibition there were photos of greates literature and a photo os saraswati. There was also a map of Maharashtra means survivor of Marathi people. Hon.Dr. G.N.Jogalekar was presented at the time of inauguration.

The function of of inauguration was held by Dr.D.D.Punede.

Shri.Mukundrao Anagal who was related to Pune library available the photos of literature. The drawing teacher leaded to making nice celebration. Totally with the help of all nice exhibition was there.

Marathi is our mother tongue. Though it is not language of nation. This worry was expressed by Madhav Julian many years ago. Today's people became mad with English medium means English language became center, very important so marathi language is in very critical situation. It's important is reducing as a mother tongue as well as daily language. The education which is given through mother tongue makes man. It progress the man. But today Marathi language is on second level in government court also hence to create the proudness of each every human beings. Here are the emotions about mother tongue of Madhav Julian are as follows.

'Marathi language is our mother and always should keep respect in our mind also everyone should be proud of our mother tongue we always try for it'


Starting of Marathi language and literature was very proudy. Thousands of poet, writers, dramatists, scientist and anchors helped out for this project.This exhibition is held out under the guidance of Mr. Gosavi. It's very proudy to attend this exhibition.


The success of marathi language and literature is because of all teaches and especially because of Mr.Gosavi's hard work. This is very beautiful exhibition. In many school there was one thing is about good or nice handwriting but this school is exceptional fir this. To find out the marathi language information from its origin it's not a easy thing. I congratulate to all peoples for this exhibition.


4) Our Kashmir

In 2004 there was a one project was a one project was organized that is our Kashmir. This project is related to history. There are some questions which are related to past and present India.

The province of Kashmir had been tackle by Pakistan and China. For this the teachers of Geography, History and drawing helped to find out this province. The inauguration programs was held on 16th Feb2004 and the guest of this programs was shri.Vijaykumar Madhok. This project was showed in six school student. The main organizer of this project was shri.V.D.Khude.

5) Kargil Project

One big project was organized for Indian Sanskriti. In this project or this project is organized in 1999-2000 in this project there was a information about historical glory and history of Indian line of control was there. This project is for improvement of students knowledge and students watched this video in audio-visual way and with the maps. This project was completed with the help of Mrs.Sushama Joshi, Mrs.Sunita Joshi, Shri.Kambale, Shri.Yadav and Shri.Bhagawat of history, geography and drawing teachers. In this project the special dedication given by all headmasters.

The chairman of school gave his guidance for this project. This projects main aim was student understands the importance of history subject. Because of this project students understands the countries dedication. Because of all this project was succeeded and student gave the donation for Kargil Project.